3HGR Light Sling Harness

3HGR Light Sling Harness
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3HGR Light Sling Harness

The 3HGR Light Harness is a natural evolution of the original product. The Light Harness has the same harness and safety sling features, in an even more compact package than the 3HGR. The Light Harness will keep the gun safely on your back, and makes carrying the gun a lot more comfortable.


As you know, demanding conditions in the wilderness often require improvised shooting positions to get above the undergrowth or other obstacles. The 3HGR Light Harness enables you to use trees, poles, beams and other vertical objects for additional support and makes it possible to deliver an accurate shot from a variety of shooting positions.

• Shoot upward or downward at steep angles, rapidly switch between targets – even moving targets 

• Bipod compatible: works perfectly with most bipod models by attaching them to the sling swivel stud located in the bottom of the gun rest

• Shoulder harness for additional carrying comfort – you can distribute the weight across both shoulders

• Safety sling ensures the gun stays steady and safe on your back when crossing rough terrain



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Anthony Tammett

Brilliant; the best rifle sling idea in decades. Worth every cent for hunting; I've bought four so already.

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