Sako Projectiles

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Sako Projectiles

All Sako bullets have been developed with an eye for the distinct criteria, which is ascribed to each particular type of shooting or hunting. A fine example of this is the Cuthead competition and training bullet, which has a cutter groove that produces a clean-cut hole for easy score interpretation. 



Spitzer-nosed soft-point bullet for accurate hits on smaller targets. Light jacket and non-bonded core allows rapid and effective expansion required for small to medium sized game and varmints. It is an excellent all-purpose hunting bullet for small to medium-sized game.




A heavy jacketed, strong and non-fragmenting bullet that ensures controlled expansion. A bonded core provides high weight retention, which results in effective penetration. It is boat-tailed for high ballistic efficiency, which causes a flatter trajectory. It was developed and tested by Sako ballistic laboratories first, followed by actual extensive big game hunting tests. The bullet is designed for big game hunting at short to medium distances. 


A heavy jacketed and soft-point bullet with a bonded core. The bullet shape and construction are especially designed to prevent core separation and provide controlled mushrooming with excellent stopping power. Round nose design increases expansion speed and dependability.The bullet is very effective for big game hunting at short distances


A thin jacketed, match grade open tip boat tailed bullet developed solely for rifle competition. When You need long-range accuracy, demand this load.


A full-metal jacket bullet that delivers ultimate accuracy for target shooting. It provides minimal meat damage on birds.

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