SportEAR Ghost Stryke ‘Essential’ Bluetooth

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SportEAR Ghost Stryke ‘Essential’ Bluetooth

The Ghost Stryke BT Essential is the first of it's kind offering the highest quality hearing protection and enhancement, as well as Bluetooth connectivity in the same device. Switch between the essential mode, or the Bluetooth mode depending upon your needs.  

Perfect for outdoor, indoor, and industrial activities of all types: fitness, cycling, hiking, stadium events, tactical, auto racing, shooting, hunting, concerts, musicians, industrial, construction, motorcycling, general conversation, TV, and more.

Essential Features

6X Hearing enhancement for normal hearing to moderate hearing loss

Autoblocker Hearing Protection™

Shuts out sounds at 85 dB or louder

29 dB NRR with foam tips

22 dB NRR with silicone tips

6.5 premium dynamic speaker

0 Hz-40,000 Hz sound spectrum

Rechargeable 60mAh lithium battery on the lanyard

15 hours hearing enhancement & protection runtime

120 hours standby time

Patented in-ear design for all-day comfort and performance

ABS, medical grade, hypoallergenic acrylic shells

Control stick for volume

Bluetooth features

CSR Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth battery life: 4 working hours

6mm dynamic range speaker

Individual digital volume control

Switch to go between Bluetooth or essential

Charging time 2 hours

Not sure what product is right for you? Schedule a hearing consultation with us! 

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Used a set of these for a 3 day rifle shooting competition and found them to be comfortable, block gunshot noise out well and a good secure fit in my ear. Battery lasted from 7am to 4.30pm using the Bluetooth as well. Charged in about 1 hour at end of day.Overall I'm happy

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