Sako Twinhead II

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Sako Twinhead II
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Sako Twinhead II

With its unique cross-member jacket design and the bonded front core, the Swift A-Frame Bullet® has become famous for its ability to combine three critical performance features – controlled expansion, deep penetration and 95% weight retention at all velocities. The bullet is designed for large and safari sized game.

Precision loading of only the best quality components 

Every bullet and case is individually inspected, the deviation of the highest quality single-base powder charge is minimised and the ignition time of the primers remains constant, providing for a quality that exceeds the precision of hand loading.


Due to a proprietary heat treatment method, as well as zero impurities of the case material, our cartridges have the industry’s highest reloadability and pressure resistance, maximising the lifespan and safety of any rifle. 

Stopping power

All hunting loads and bullets are developed at the Sako ballistics laboratory. They are tested during real big game hunts for optimal weight retention and double-diameter mushrooming for maximum impact.

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