RC4 Hyperfast

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RC4 Hyperfast
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RC4 Hyperfast

The ever-increasing demand from the market of competition loads for high speed cartridges gave birth to this new cartridge, which, in our opinion, possesses exceptional ballistic characteristics.

Following a careful and targeted research of the best components on the market, we achieved the creation of an extremely fast cartridge (the name HYPERFAST is not casual indeed) with the important peculiarity of a minimum recoil on the shoulder.

Technical and ballistic characteristics

Powder: new powder single base (both for 24g and 28g) which, despite pushing the cartridge to very high speeds, keeps regular performances.

Wad: Gualandi V0 in shot sizes 7 and 7½; Piston Skeet in shot sizes 8½ and 9½. The excellent springing minimizes the recoil, offering exceptional patterns.

Lead: RC Super tempered with double selection and optimal percentage of antimony. Its perfect sphericity nullifies the dispersion of pellets enabling excellent patterns, even at long distances (over 40 mts). Destroying the target, hitting it with immense violence and huge impact.

Shot sizes: 24g: 7 – 7½ – 9½ 28g: 7½ – 8½

Technical Specifications

* Indicative Ballistic Data (full choke). V1 (m/sec) = Speed is measured at 1 meter from the barrels. All Ballistic Data are carried out in full conformity to C.I.P. regulations
Super Tempered Lead Shot
Size [Shot size diameters]
7-7½-9½ (24g) / 7½-8½ (28g)
Pressure (bar) *
570 (24g) - 600 (28g)
V1 (m/sec) - Speed is measured at 1 meter from the barrels *
440 (24g) - 430 (28g)

Reviews (1)

Ben Reed

I use these cartridges for UT and handicap. Lightning fast and hold their pattern extremely well. Little recoil and make a lot of noise. Highly recommend.

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