Beretta 87 Target

Beretta 87 Target
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Beretta 87 Target

Take the 87 Target out of its box, add optics (if desired) and it is competition ready or ready to be put through its paces at training. Thanks to a built-in Weaver style rail, mounting optics can be done in a flash. The sights are adjustable, and the magazine features a sturdy rubber pad. The frame has a bevelled part for easy magazine insertion. Comes standard with plastic grips but walnut grips are available on request.

You'll find the trigger pull on the 87 Target to be very light and crisp. The pistol is designed to remain upright when set down on a flat surface, ready to be quickly gripped, magazine loaded and raised to the target (.22LR Practical Shooting).

Technical Specifications

= as standard, + = as option
Magazine Capacity
Overall height (mm)
Overall length (mm)
Overall width (mm)
Weight unloaded (g)
Barrel length (mm)
Barrel length (in)

Reviews (3)


Great little .22, I have only had issues with the low FPS ammo, but I brought a cheap "Bucket of Bullets" for $50 for 525 rounds and so far no issues at all. I would like to put a trijicon or similar front sight on it, but no one seems to supply them for us here in australia.

Dave B

Great in the hand and very accurate, put about 9000 rounds through mine now without one failure to feed. I have a failure to eject issue about one every 300 rounds which I put down to the design of the ejection port being parallel top and bottom, it just takes a ammo with a light load and the round only partially
ejects and is trapped by the next round in the mag.

Tony S

I've been through several 22 target pistols to find one I really liked - it's the Beretta 87 Target.

I've owned a Hi Standard, a Browning Buck Mark and a Ruger MK II but none of them were quite right. They either didn't feel right in my hand or wouldn't cycle with some ammo or other feeding problems (for example the Hi Standard would get a lead build up at the front of the chamber).

With the pistol properly cleaned and lubed I can put 2000 rounds of ammo through mine before it starts to have feeding problems. That's a lot of 22 ammo and I've never had any other pistol get close to that.

My only issue is the cost of the magazines here in OZ. I paid $95 for one magazine. All the dealers charge about the same. Okay they are not as common as Glock magazines - but $95 is ridiculous.

In short - the 87 Target is a superb pistol.

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