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The Benefits of Thermal Vision


Burris BTS 50, thermal riflescope. A contemporary example of just how far technology has come to aid hunters in the eradication of feral animals. Feral Game Hunters perform an i..

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How to choose a rifle for hunting


    SAKO 85 “Hunter”. A combination of traditional styling and impeccable pedigree resulting in the epitome of the modern hunting rifle. There are so man..

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Hunting Equipment 101


Author and his red stag harvest from the frigid Scottish Highlands. Beretta Gore-Tex Optifade Paclite Jacket gave tremendous protection from the bitter wind and sleet. Hunting: ..

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How to Get Your Pistol Licence


So, you are eager to try handgun shooting. Many states allow pistol clubs or ranges to host “come and try days”.  These days allow you to have a day of basic instr..

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An Introduction to Shooting


So, you decided that target shooting, or hunting is something you are interested in taking up. If you are reading this, chances are you may not have ready access to a shooting ra..

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Gun Storage Tips


Do you hunt with firearms? Do you shoot competitively? Are you a firearm collector? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need strong, safe, and secure firearms..

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How to get your shooter's licence


So, you want to join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of other Aussies who love the shooting sports, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are interested in hunting fo..

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