Custom stock making service

Custom Stock Making Service for new competition shotguns 

For the ultimate in shotgun fit and aesthetics, nothing beats have your Beretta Australia shotgun's stock customer designed and fitted to you.  This is a unique experience that gives you a degree of personalisation and of course fit, like nothing else.  Tailor make a custom stock to suit YOU and only YOU!

You can see the process take place from start to finish. Taking place in our well equipped workshop facility at our Melbourne office, day one will begin with a consultation with our renowned custom stock maker, Sergei Yauhleuski, a former Australian Olympic Team Gunsmith. Sergei is considered a maestro in the industry and his stock work is regarded as the best available, as many of Australia’s top shooters will vouch for.  This will involve complete shotgun fitting and mount training, followed by initial rough in and subsequent fittings throughout the day.

Early on day two, the stock will be ready to test fire “in the white”. The stock will be taped to protect it from the elements and you will pattern test the gun in our onsite test range, or shoot a round under supervision from our expert gun fitter at Frankston Gun Club (available on Wednesdays only) conveniently located only twenty minutes away from our office.

After the live testing, you will return to our workshop and make any final adjustments before finalising the profile of the stock.  At this point, you can decide whether to take it taped up and test it for several weeks while you get used to it to make sure that no further changes are required, or we can start the finishing process immediately.

You custom stock will be ready in approx. 3-4 weeks to allow for checkering and oil finish to be applied.  Custom stocks are available on most Beretta shotguns (subject to availability of blank or inletted stocks).

Allow for one and a half days at our workshop facility in Melbourne.  Prices begin at $1,265 plus the return of the original stock.  For further information Contact Us or call 03 9799 5100.


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