Beretta DT11 Black Pro

Beretta DT11 Black Pro
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Beretta DT11 Black Pro

The DT11 Black Pro is a collaboration between Beretta Shooting Team champions with the goal of offering all shooters the maximum customisation of balance and stock fit.  While keeping all the features which make the DT11 Black and outstanding success it adds two removable muzzle weights and a fully adjustable TSK stock.  The Beretta by TSK stock fits the anatomy of every shooter and helps them find the best set-up by adjusting the comb, the cast, the length of pull, and the pitch simply and quickly.  Changes are always reversible! Available for skeet, trap, and sporting.


Beretta DT11 Black Pro Youtube

Beretta DT11 Black Pro on Youtube.

TSK Stock

The Beretta by TSK stock of the new DT11 Black Pro is entirely adaptable to the anatomy of your body, thanks to a continuous adjustment system of each component, in a straightforward, immediate and always reversible way.

Beretta B-Fast Barrel Balancing System

The Beretta B-Fast barrel balancing system consists of a unique set of barrel weights. Six 5-gram weights, six 10-gram weights and two larger 15-gram weights of which fit into the slots in the side rib allowing a shooter to adjust for a perfect balanced firearm.

Carbon Fibre Rib

Extremely light and resistant, the carbon fibre rib ensures perfect linearity even in the most extreme shooting conditions. Carbon fibre also reduces the barrel weight by 100g thus allowing the for the addition of two 15-gram weights to the Beretta B-Fast barrel balancing system.

Steelium Pro Barrels

Steelium is the production technology that transforms Beretta’s own recipe for special tri-alloy steel into an exceptional barrel. The deep drilling, cold hammer forging and special vacuum distension, causes the steel to acquire the ideal characteristics, offering the best ballistic performance.

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