Free Shotgun Fitting


Getting the correct gun fit is one of the most important and beneficial aspects of increasing your shooting scores and comfort.  Gun makers manufacture shotguns to give an average fit to most people. But how many times do you see a taller or smaller person (particularly women and kids) struggle to shoot their new competition shotgun well, because it does not fit them? Most people will just shoot their gun out of the box and try to adapt to the gun, teaching them bad habits that will affect their performance.

At Beretta Australia we know and understand this and hence we offer a Free Fitting service for all new Beretta. Benelli and Franchi competition shotguns purchased through any Beretta Australia Authorised Dealer.  We give you the peace of mind to shoot with the knowledge the shotgun fit is just right for you.


  • Who will do your Free Fitting?

    Like tailoring a new suit, we want to make sure that what you’ve bought fits you and provides you years of joy and gives you the best opportunity to perform at your best.  Our experience and authority on the subject of gun fit is unmatched, with multiple former Olympic shooting coaches on staff and a veteran gun fitter/wood worker.  Often, all you need is somebody to tell you that the fit is spot on before you can start concentrating on improving other aspects of your shooting.


  • Where to get Free Fitting?

    You can obtain Free Fitting at any event Beretta Australia attends with its servicing team.  Beretta Australia predominantly attends National and State Championships as well as other major local shoots.  Please refer to our events calendar for the next free fitting event near you.  If you are located in the Melbourne area or are visting Melbourne, you can book an an appointment through your Beretta Australia Authorised Dealer.  You can do this when purchasing your new shotgun through your dealer or just call us direct on 03 9799 5100.


  • What  the Free Fitting includes

For most people, all you will need is a bit of advice and a few small modifications to get that “like a glove” fit. Here’s a guide on some of what goes into a fitting..  Each fitting takes around one hour.Determining your eye dominance

    • Determining your eye dominance
    • Gun mount coaching and advice
    • Choke selection and advice
    • Length of pull shortening (cutting stock) and reshaping existing recoil pad
    • Comb height reduction (brand new guns with oil finish only)
    • Stock pitch adjustment
    • Fitting of a mid rib bead



For around 90% of our customers, our Free Fitting service will be ideal.  However when you need that little bit of extra attention, we offer the following services;

  • Length of pull Lengthening or shortening with different recoil pad or spacers: Approximately $60.00
  • Recoil pad upgrade - Kick Eez. Supply and grind to fit: $115.00
  • Comb height reduction & refinishing of stock on older guns: Approximately $100.00
  • Adjustable stock installation (Beretta B-Fast System) and set-up: $575.00

You will need to allow one to one and a half hours for these services and you may need to leave your shotgun with us for up to two weeks for us to refinish the wood.  For further information Contact Us or call 03 9799 5100.

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