Forever Servicing on shotguns


Beretta Australia is the only company in Australia to offer the most exclusive servicing promise to all Beretta, Benelli and Franchi brand shotguns purchased through its authorised dealer network.

For the life of your shotgun, we will service it for FREE (including parts and labour) at any advertised event we attend with our servicing team.


  • Where to have your gun serviced

    You can have your gun serviced at any event Beretta Australia attends with its servicing team. Beretta predominantly attends National and State Championships as well as other major local shoots. Please refer to our events calendar for the next servicing event near you.


  • Who will service your gun

    Our team includes Sergei Yauhleuski, former Australian Olympic Team Gunsmith. Sergei is considered a maestro in the industry and his stock work is regarded as the best available, as many of Australia’s top shooters will vouch for.


  • What the service includes

    Due to time and equipment constraints, we will carry out routine servicing jobs such as tune-ups, tightening, timing etc. The servicing does not include full rebuilds and ejector replacements, as these are considered repairs and cannot be carried out from our mobile workshop.


Get Forever Servicing with your Beretta Australia shotgun

Forever Servicing only applies to all Beretta, Benelli and Franchi brand shotguns purchased through any Beretta Australia authorised dealer, so make sure you buy from one of these dealers.

Note: Forever Servicing does not apply to grey imports or obsolete models for which parts are no longer available.  (e.g. Beretta S55/56/57).

If you are unsure if the shotgun you own or are looking to buy is covered by our Forever Servicing offer, please send us your serial number and/or details and we will let you know.


And it’s all free of charge!

Forever Servicing is in addition to the warranty and warranty extension, Beretta’s 1+2, and is all at no extra cost. There may be times when your Beretta, Benelli or Franchi shotgun requires a part or service above and beyond what is included in our Forever Servicing offer. On your request, we can carry this work out and will provide a quote before commencing any work.  For further information, Contact Us or call 03 9799 5100.

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