Chapuis ROLS Classic

Chapuis ROLS Classic
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Chapuis ROLS Classic

Engineered so as to be the extension of your own arm, this new straight pull action ROLS® is fit for driven hunts as well as for stalking or mountain hunting. Suited to any hunting situation, thanks to its modular conception, you can change barrels with a simple screwdriver. 10 calibers are listed and available. Thanks to its light weight, its perfect balance and the smoothness of its action, quick follow-on shots are easy.


  • Features: action machined out of Fortal 7075 alloy, with ROLS engravings, bronze colored surface treatment - Grade 3 walnut butt with pistol grip,
  • German cheek piece, smooth and oil-finished tulip- shaped front-piece -
  • Recoil pad.
  • High capacity, rotating magazine 4+ 1 for standard calibers and 3+ 1 in Magnum calibers -
  • Interchangeable barrels with triangle-shaped, luminescent rear sights and adjustable front sight.

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