Brian Knox

Awesome scope. Does everything Burris claims it does!

Al Murdochie

Bought this scope with an open mind... definitely opened my mind! It was easy to fit, enter data and set up.

The shooting was great and range finder was amazing! Looking forward to getting more shooting out of it.

Would recommend it to anyone wanting a scope like this


Excellent tool. Last deer hunt 816 yards. One shot one kill. With the Eliminator III and 6.5 284. AAA+++!!!


The features of this scope are unbelievable. The built in range-finder and drop compensation calculation is amazing.


Instructions are well written, easy installation onto my rifle. Sighting in was a real treat, thanks to the 1/8 MOA adjustments. After determining my ammo setting numbers from the manual, I headed to my shooting area. Due to the distances this scope will accommodate, I couldn't use the local range, so I found an alternate location. After sighting in the scope at 100 yards (very easy), I moved to 200 yards. Multiple shots in a tight pattern. The instructions then call for shots at 750 yards, to check the drop settings. I chose 400 yards, with the compensation figures Burris provides. A few tweaks later, I put multiple shots in an 8" diameter target...while standing up, in a breeze, with no tripod/bipod or shooting table. Next spring, I hope to use a shooting table and more controlled environment, and really tune this scope. This is an excellent product!!