Bought my eliminator III only 4 days ago. Mounted sighted in at 100 yrd's zeroed in in no time. Can't wait to go to 500 or 700 yard targets. Great scope so far. Can't wait to take to Colo this Oct for Elk. Old but still walking those mtn's. Good hunting to everone.

K French

Browning bar 338 win mag zeroed in about 30 min. Or less. 2 rounds at 25 yard 5 more at a 100 yard 2 off to the right dialed over 3 over lapping 1 3/4" on zero. Played scope around afterward Fantastic!

Fisher iron

One mounted on .338 one on .308 perfect every time.


Matched with an AR10 308,few shots consistent tracking right out of the box! Havnt had the oppertunity for long range shooting yet, but this scope showing its built properly be for i had even touched the electronics. The electronics portion very simple to figure out. From what i can tell im excited to get out and try my luck with the longer ranges. My suggestion is read the 10pages of the owners manual (15 min of reading) take the time to know how your bullet acts and velocity, elevation makea a difference also! Call the tech line and the people are awesome. In short without long range training im very confident

i do not a nickname

I bought this scope for long range shooting. The opitcs are very clear , and it was fairly easy to setup.I would recommend it to anyone who needs long range scope