Murray Cairns

I live in South Africa and hunt all types of game here. I find the Burris Eliminator III to be the best and most versatile scope I have ever used and without a doubt recommend this scope to anyone wanting to enjoy their hunting with confidence.


I just bought this scope on 11-27-15. Got all my settings set now I need to go to the range to dial it in. It is light weight which I like and looks to be built vary well. I went to look at one but ended up buying the 4-16x50 Eliminator III. I will do a follow up report after I shoot with it


Topped this on a Savage 260 and once on at 100 took 1 shot out to 710yds and shotn3 shots all on at 710yds 12 inch plate.


I bought this a 2 months ago and I love it,i love the range finder and scope all in one and it helps me on my long distance shots also thanks


"It was very easy to sight in, was hitting bulls eyes at 100 yards with no problem. Set up and hit 500 yards with no problem. Can't wait to try 1000 Yards.

Just one thing need bridge mount or risers on bolt action. So bullet can eject."