I picked up one, attached to my rifle, sighted it in. 1000 yd shots, easy like Sunday morning.


I've delayed during this review until I had a chance to try it on a 100' range. I've fouñd it difficult setting the ballistics with the push-button paad on the left side. Can't feel/find the respective bttons. In addition the left/right windage does not seem to move or work


I bought this in July in anticipation for a moose hunt in September. I was unsure at first secondary to the cost. After taking a moose at 460 yds it was well worth the expense. I have no regrets. It was easy to program. Believe me I'm no tech expert.


I bought this scope in March of this year. I have a western hunt.

Bob Anderson

I purchased this product to fit to a Sako 85 Varmint in .223. Beretta make mounts to match the Sako with the Eliminator and although they were a bit expensive, they were easy to fit and worked as advertised. Once the rifle was zeroed I started to set up the electronics...it took a bit of effort to get the figures right, but a couple of practice attempts made it quite easy. After zeroing and set up it is producing .5 MOA groups at 100 yards.....more than satisfactory. Some may say tight groups are all down to the rifle.....I agree in part, but there is no substitute for quality optics.