Bob R

The scope once you get it set up is fast and when you don't have time to waste ranging, looking up your drop and setting the turret, just aim push the button and shoot!


I purchased this scope for my Winchester Model 70 Alaskan in 300 Win Mag for the occasional 350 to 400 yard shots on Antelope and Elk. I finally got it sighted in at 100 yards and started shooting targets out to 492 yards (furthest distance I could shoot due to wind and property boundaries). I could keep every shot within a 5 inch bull out to 492 yards simply by pushing a button. The scope amazed me how accurately it ranged the targets out to almost 500 yards. It's accurate enough to use for even small varmints.


I have a eliminator 3, 4-6x50, I broke the battery compartment off when my rifle knock over accidently. I contacted Burris and they sent me the information on where to send my scope to see if it could be repaired. They could not repair it and sent me a new replacement scope.


I really like the button on the ranger finder. When the button is pressed it gives you the exact range of the target. It's all in one quick movement! No guess work!! It would be helpful, however, if the button was a bit larger.


Many great options - not tried in long distance yet. Max. 300 m until now - and on this range it´s very reliable. Looking forward to try in long distance. Very competitive compared with known German Brands (in Denmark).