South Texas hunter

I purchased the Eliminator III for my 338 Lapua magnum and have been extremely pleased. The scope has withstood the punishing recoil and is everything that Burris Optics said it is. I own several other high end scopes but Burris have out done all it's competitors.

Skinny Denny

Really enjoyed using this scope in all conditions so far


This is a lot of scope for the money! Extremely bright and the best technology available!


The scope is fantastic, makes shooting wonderful. Customer service is not so great, have contacted them in 3 emails about my rebate that I'm eligible, no response, have tried calling but hung up after being on hold for 15 min. Scope is great but don't think you will be able to contact Buris if you have issues.

Mike T

I bought this scope about a month ago. We all go through buyers remorse and I did with this. But after mounting this to a Savage 10 the performance was through the roof. This is a really great scope. The rangefinder works flawlessly. The optics are clear and crisp. It makes shooting targets a breeze. As the commercial says "Range it and Eliminate it." It makes you look at pulling up a target in a whole different mindset. Don't second guess yourself. Range it and pull the trigger.