"I have been reading every customer review I could find dating back to the first version Eliminator released. Progress has been made and the positive customer reviews reflect that. I finally pulled the trigger and decided to buy it as a Christmas present to myself in 2017. I contacted Burris to verify what scope bases would work on my Tikka T3 (.308) / Eliminator 3. Within a day I had an answer and I ordered them. Once everything was in I mounted the bases and the scope per the instructions. Installation was a breeze. The clarity of the glass is great. The reticle is a bit busy inside having moved from a traditional scope to this. But once you understand what everything is and does you will soon only focus on the dot that is lit up on target. Sighting in was quick and easy. I have shot out to 400 yards without any issues. This scope talks the talk and walks the walk! If you do not have one yet you are missing out.

Great Job Burris!!!



Would definitely buy another one, very pleased with how easy to setup, does all the work for you!

Nevada range

I have had the scope out twice on the range. I feel like I'm cheating. After sighting in I went to the 406 yard gong. BOOM hit. My 12 year old tried at 406. BOOM. My dad tried at the same distance. BOOM. Any one that enjoys hitting a target will enjoy this scope.


I currently have the older generation Eliminator on my 6.5 Creedmoore which I used succesfully on my recent Aoudad hunt and my E III on my Blaser 300 WM. Both of these scopes have performed way above my expectations. The versatility of being able to swap on my different caliber rifles and consistently be successful in all my hunts makes them my favorite scopes.


"Been shooting with this scope for two years!

Best hunting scope I have ever used. Built in range finder is worth its weight in GOLD.

The more accurately you enter your ballistic data the better it works. Like anything else it will do what you ask it to do if you give it precise data. That includes accounting for variables including weather, altitude, air density Ect.

Do your homework with your data, and it will make you look like a pro.

Great scope!"