I bought this eliminator 3 about 4- 5 months ago and used it hunting in alaska for bear. It is awesome and extremely easy to use. We had a tough time seeing anything but I finally got a chance that the boat captain said was unmakable because you would spook him if you tried to climb up there to get within decent shooting range. I told him, I was a texan who shot pigs all the time at long distance so put me ashore and I would show him how texans shoot. Set myself up for disaster if missed by saying that but didn't tell him the technology I was using for the 700 yard shot nor that I had practiced the day before from the top of one mountain down to the beach where I nailed a 6 inch piece of floating lilly pads at 650 yards with a 10mph sidewind. The bear was up on the side of the mountain at about 700 yards from the beach and the first mate put us on the beach thinking we were going to sneak up the mountain. I lay down on the beach and put crosshairs on it, with range saying 654 yards and 1.7 clicks per 10mph so with the 5 mph wind,put the red dot on the adjusted crosshair .8 clicks to windward side and dropped him. LOL The captain freaked out and we had our first bear. Everyone then switched out and use this 300mag eliminator 3 combo to get 3 more bears and everyone was amazed at how fast you can acquire and shoot at distance compared to the old computation clicking in method. It is a tough scope too because my strap insert popped out and the gun fell in the rocks hitting on the scope and yet it continued to work without a problem. totally awesome rig and love it and will buy more.