I just mounted the eliminator on a Remington Sendero 300 ultra mag. It took a little time to program the B.C because I'm shooting reloads and the book didn't have my round listed. Go through the book it's very clear on what to do and how to program! I haven't had a chance to go to the range yet. Very anxious to try my new setup out! I'm very impressed with the clarity of this scope and what it can do!!! Excellent product!!!

Tony Meyer

Love the scope it's very accurate ranging is always good I use it hunting in Alaska for moose I have hit rocks out to 928 yd first shot hits


Bought new the coating on the lenses were not right called and they returned the item right away but you will have to wait several weeks for the new product to arrive. everyone knows that time takes for ever when you want to get shooting with the new toy. but they took care of the problem.


I purchased the Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50mm laser scope for my RPR 6.5 CM. I have only zeroed the scope @ 100yds so I have only verified the range finder on the small range, but the turret operation was smooth and precise and made this task simple. The range finder worked great and was accurate; 100 yds readout on the 100 yd target, 106 yds at the dirt berm located behind the targets, and then back to 100 yds on the target. I can't wait to take it back next weekend to the 300 yd range. Here are the results shooting at quarter size targets @ 100yds.


I bought this scope a short time ago and have not done any long range shooting yet. However, short range is dead on.