Purchased the Eliminator III to use on an upcoming Axis deer hunt in May down in SW Texas. Installed it on my 270WSM. Zeroed it at 100 yds and programmed my load info (very easy) into the scope. I moved out to 300 yds. and my first 3-shot group was 2" with perfect elevation. Moved out to 400 yds. and first 3-shot group was 4 1/2" and only about 1 1/2" low. When you get your correct drop & bullet BC plugged in to this scope, this thing is amazing. It will definitely improve your long range shooting plus you have an excellent range finder and scope in one package. One VERY happy shooter here!!



Eliminator III a specific rifle scope's unfathomable to always and in every case"


I purchased the Eliminator III for my Weatherby 300 Wthby Magnum. After mounting, sight-in and setting ballistics tables I fired at the steel targets from 200 through 519 yards. I hit all of them multiple times. This scope is phenomenal, exceeding all of my expectations. With Weatherby 180 grain spitzers, I shot sub-moa all day. I am very grateful for the Accu-Brake, it works. Best rifle and scope combination I've had. Thank you, great job.


I've had the scope for a couple years doesn't range very well over 400 yards. Both my sun caps broke not due too wear or me being hard on them not bad scope other than that but would love it too be acturate around 800-1000 yards.


Mountains of Western North Carolina, 3770 ft altitude. Hunting from a plateau overlooking 4 other fields. 4 deer arrive at 15 minutes before close of legal daylight. Range at 397 yards shooting from a steady rest, 150 ft elevation drop, no wind to speak of. AR-10, 20" BBL and Hornady 165 SST cartridges. 1 shot, the deer finished 20 yards away. 2 deer scatter, 1 remained. Re-ranged at 370 yds, 1 shot, dropped in place. I thank the scope's push-button capability for follow-up efficiency and accurate trajectory compensation. I highly recommend this scope.