This might be the best overall scope that I have ever purchased. I am so happy with this scope. Just put it on the target, hit the button and put the dot where you want it and it is over. You will not be disappointed with this scope!!!!

Bobby B

I purchased this scope five months ago it is the best scope I have ever owned very easy set up


I BOUGHT 5 4-16X50 ELIMINATOR III SCOPES. They are great scopes as long as you do not try to use them in very cold weather. anything under 14 degrees and they do not work. You can still use it as a regular scope but when you push the button all the lights will light up at the same time. I just made sure it stayed close to my heater so it would work. if there is a solution to the cold weather problem please let me know.


My 1st impression out of the box is that of a well built instrument. Make sure you don't have the battery polarity reversed as I did or you may be frustrated for a day. It was easy to mount and although I haven't sighted it to my rifle I'm confident I made a wise purchase. I put my excitement on pause however after it's arrival while I verified it's legality in my state. Because it does not emit a visible light it is legal in Montana. Also, I did an experiment where I placed it in my freezer for 4hrs. It got down to 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit and it still worked.


Put this on my RPR 6.5 Creedmoor with Hornady 140gr ELD, first try 520yards shot my target right where i aimed it.