Put this on my RPR 6.5 Creedmoor with Hornady 140gr ELD, first try 520yards shot my target right where i aimed it.


I put this scope on my .300 WSM Win Mod 70. I found it to be very accurate once I dialed in my custom handload ballistics, and was able to hit water filled milk jugs consistently out to over 700 yards. I took it to the mountains on a Bull/Cow combo elk hunt. Opening morning I shot a 6pt bull elk at 680 yards and a few seconds later took down my cow at 719 yards, both shots through the heart! This can't be beat! My only complaint was that my binoculars could see the animals clearly for at least 5 minutes before I could see anything through the scope, as the optic clarity and light gathering capability of the scope is about equal to less expensive optics rather then higher end European glass. I almost lost my chance to shoot as I heard another hunter coming up the hill, off to the side of me a hundred yards, towards the sound of the bugling bull...and I was sitting there waiting for the scope to see clearly enough to take a good shot. I do recommend this scope and will keep using mine until one with the same ballistic program but better light gathering optics are available. Thanks to Burris, I did not have to lob my shots across canyon guessing where the aproximate point of impact would be! Two heart shots at that range was a first for me!!! Overall, I really do love this scope!


I have tested the scope on the range thus far and haven't got to test it out on hunting thus far but the scope is accurate and simply awesome. When I bought my scope I do not seem to have a sensor pad. other then this the scope is clear. Comparison from my Tasco that came with me rifle would be comparing a 14" screen to a 60" screen. The gadgets work great for an older guy like myself I cannot be bothered calculating trajectories and doing all the guess work on a shot. The scope does it all :) love it.


I would have bought this in a hot second but its not worth getting my rifle taken by fish and game. It is illegal to use this in Idaho.


I put this on my Remington 700 VTR 308 and I love it well worth the money I spent .