What other company, in this day and age, offers a unconditional life time warranty??? And it transfers from owner to owner!!! I bought a pistol that had a Fastfire ll on it. I liked it so much, that I just brought another one for another target pistol that I own.


I called in to your office two years ago and asked if a Fast Fire II could take the punishment of a magnum rifle. You said yes. VERY pleased with the results. I put one on my customized 338 short mag. This gun is perfect for close up Moose calling and Grizzly bear hunting on rivers. Incredibly versatile. More field of sight than a peep. With practice it can be accurate at longer ranges. Both eyes open shooting. I believe it is easier lining up the illuminated dot on the dark hide of an animal than looking for crosshairs. Thumbs up! Thanks for the well thought out product.



Had sight zeroed in less than one magazine. Easy to find and keep on target. Will buy for other pistols.


Bought this to put on a turkey gun ..Does exactly what the doctor ordered. Crisp clear dot. No parallax. And let's not forget the forever warranty.


The fastfire 2 is a good sight and accurate. But I wouldn't recommend putting it on your gun slide. The tiny little screws on the side will come loose even if you put a loctite. This my 3rd fastfire 2. Now I have to send it back for repair. But all in all its a great sight for 22 cal. Gun.