Use it on my FNX-45 and it allows quick accurate target acquisition and shots. The battery replacement requires site removal and repeating sight adjustment. The locking screws are blocked by the rear sight which makes sight removal a second time and hope it stays when reinstalled.


I wasn't quite sure what optic I wanted for my KelTec PMR30, just knew it needed to be small and lightweight. This fits the bill perfectly!


Sight works great. Has stayed on target so far, and easy adjustment.


easy target acqusition, and nice light sensing device saves battery,


I installed the Burris Fastfire 2 Red Dot in 15 minutes and within 20 had it It co-witness with no issues on a M&P core Ported 40 cal. 5 inch barrel. The main thing to remember when adjusting the sights is do do exactly what the instructions says to do. Loosen the locking screws by half a turn this will allow you to adjust the sight on the gun take it off with out any movement on the screws while you tighten back the locking screws. This sight is very small and easy to use. It is the same size as the Doctor red dot. The quality is great and I found no issues with the workmanship. The clarity of the lens is incredible. It comes with lifetime warranty and for under $200 I see no reason to spend money on optics that cost half of the gun.
I really like that it has an off and on switch which is what I wanted.
Tips for Co- Witness