David M

very good sight a little expensive but you get what you pay for

Big D

I bought a Fastfire II and Burris rear site dovetail base for my Ruger mark II pistol. My eyes are not young any longer and I could not be confident of hitting my targets with the sights on my pistol. The FastFire solved that problem in a very satisfying way. I liked the sight on the.22 so much, I bought another to mount on my Redhawk 44 mag. The FastFire has worked out just as well on the revolver as it has on my .22 pistol. Took the Redhawk deer hunting and shot 2 deer using the FastFire. It was an awesome experience. I'm very pleased with this sight, though not having to remove it from the mounting base to change battery would be nice.


Fastfire II made an already accurate Ruger MKI even more accurate. Simple, easy to use. Further, Burris' warranty provides lifetime peace of mind. Great product, great service.


The fastfire series are simply the best multi purpose solution for a dot sight. Reasonable price and forever warrenty make these a no brainer.


I bought a FastFire 2 for my Ruger Mk III 22/45 Lite. The one I bought had packaging that was a little wonky and evidently had been worked on by a previous owner, or the store's gunsmith, and the store had not adequately checked it out before they sold it to me, (as new). That's my guess, anyway. After shooting a few hundred rounds or so, the red dot grew dim. Battery replacement didn't fix. Burris took it back, sent me a new one REAL QUICK, and now this sight is a great match for my pistol.

I'm not a good shot or expert marksman, but today I got 4-5" groups consistently at 25 yards on our local indoor range. That's a heck of an improvement for me, and the Burris scope makes it happen.

Thanks for the great product and great service!