Sports shooting is one of the few sports that truly encourages and caters for young and old as well as male or female to participate. Shooting is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes. It is easy to learn, safe, and an all-around great sport. You will be challenged by the concentration and mental focus it requires. With nearly 300 clay target clubs across Australia, your local club might be closer than you think.


Try clay target shooting for yourself!

Newcomers to the sport are encouraged and always welcome. Here are some ways you can try out clay target shooting before you apply for a licence.  

    • Contact your closest clay target club and see what is available for newcomers; most clubs have provisions for non-shooters to come and try the sport. 

    • Book a session with a private company. Not only will this be a great experience, but you will also receive coaching from experts. Even better still, some of the companies are run by Olympian Shooters – talk about a good person to get sound shooting advice from! See –     

  • Check out the calendar on the sport shooting association websites – the Australia Clay Target Association and the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia

  • Go with a friend to a club. If you have a friend or family member who is already a licensed shooter, then they are able to supervise you when you shoot – even if you are unlicensed.   

  • Join us. Beretta Australia host events from time to time which allow those new to the sport to come and experience the thrill of shooting clays in a safe, controlled environment. To be notified of when the next event is, subscribe to our newsletter (at bottom of page).  

Already hooked on the thrill of breaking clays?

First of all, you'll need to get a licence. There are 3 main licence categories – 

    Category A: Shotgun/Air Rifle/Rimfire Rifle

    Category B: Centrefire Rifle

    Category H: Handgun
(You can apply for more than one category if you wish to engage in different sports.)

To obtain your firearms licence, you must be able to provide your state police with a “genuine reason” for wanting to have a firearm. This reason can vary from target shooting to hunting, to being a primary producer. If it is clay target shooting you wish to be licensed for, the easiest (and most beneficial) way to provide a genuine reason is to join an organisation such as:   

Applying for a Firearms Licence

Each state has its own firearms laws. To apply for a Firearms Licence, visit the police website for your state.
VIC   |   ACT   |    NSW   |    QLD   |    NT   |    WA   |    SA   |    TAS
To be eligible to become a licensed shooter, you must have a clear police record, not be a prohibited person. If you intend on buying firearms and ammunition, you need to be able to safely store and secure it in line with your state’s regulations.
Shooting is a great sport for Juniors as not only is it fun, but it also requires great discipline and mental focus. Juniors can become shooters at the age of 12 years old (check your state’s regulations for full requirements). Juniors must be supervised by a fully licensed adult at all times.
Looking for the share and be in to win competition? View photo competition details. 

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