Steiner Navigator Binoculars

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Steiner Navigator Binoculars

The Navigator Binoculars take Steiner's popular marine series to the next level with innovative product features. New open-bridge design enhances handling, along with a textured body for a sure grip in any weather. 


In addition to the excellent image quality, this Navigator features an integrated, large analogue fluid dampened compass that can be illuminated, making it even easier to maintain your heading.


The new Open-Bridge-System makes handling on deck much easier.

Always sharp images from 20m to infinity - without refocusing.

Extreme ruggedness, water pressure proof to 5m.




The new Open-Bridge-System makes handling on deck much easier. In addition, the binoculars can be easily grabbed and held with one hand to always ensure a safe navigation.



Once set, the STEINER Auto-Focus always delivers crystal-clear images in 3D brilliance from 20m to infinity - without refocusing. The 7x magnification ensures blur-free images to identify beacons and bridge numbers and more, even in rough sea weather conditions.


Special rubber coating texture

The new wave-like rubber coating texture significantly improves the grip on the binoculars and the handling comfort. In addition, the texture has special water-repellent properties that guarantee non-slip and safe handling even in rough sea.


Field of view

The already impressive field of view of the Navigator Pro Series has been further improved. This gives you an even more breathtaking overview when looking through the binoculars. This extended field of view makes it easier to navigate safely when entering a harbor or in similar narrow environments such as when passing a bridge.


Legendary ruggedness

Durable Makrolon housing made of polycarbonate that withstands impacts up to 11G, floating prism bearings for shock absorption, water pressure proofness up to 5m, nitrogen pressure filling against fogging inside and a temperature range from -20°C to +70°C.


Advanced accessories

We developed a new universal attachment system for the neoprene harness. This can be exchanged easily and intuitively between future Steiner products. In addition, a new bag is included to ensure that your binoculars are always optimally protected when not in use. The usual accessories, such as rain caps and lens caps, are of course still included.


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