SmartReloader Tumblers

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SmartReloader Tumblers
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SmartReloader Tumblers

Every reloader needs a reliable and efficient tumbler to properly clean the fired cases so they can be reloaded again. SmartReloader has a range of quality tumblers to suit each reloader’s needs. 

Couple a SmartReloader Tumbler with good quality media and you will reduce the amount of cleaning time needed. 

The tumblers are also excellent at cleaning and polishing products other than the cases.

Tumblers available:

• Case Tumbler 220V (VBSR005-20 - SR787)

• Jumbo Tumbler 220V (VBSR005-21 - SR747)

• Niagara Media Falls Tumbler (VBSR005-22 - SR787)

• Tumbler Nano (VBSR005-7 - SR737)

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