Team Beretta Australia Athletes

At the top, where the competition is so tough, every detail becomes absolutely critical. After all, one detail — no matter how small—can be the difference between raising your medal or watching the competition do it. That's why no matter the discipline, Beretta is chosen by shooters who want the edge that is second to none.

The Beretta Team

Just as champion shooters choose Beretta, Beretta carefully selects shooters to be our champions. These sponsored shooters are a very select group of elite shooters. Our strategy is to sponsor truly stand-out shooters who are inspirational athletes to represent the Beretta brand, philosophy and values.

Our Beretta Ambassador Shooters

Athlete Shotgun / Sidearm Discipline
Steve Atkins DT11 DTL
Thomas Armstrong DT11 DTL
Laetisha Scanlan DT11 ISSF Trap
Felicity Paglia DT11 Sporting
Penny Smith DT11 ISSF Trap/DTL
Catherine Skinner DT11 ISSF Trap
Craig Fitzgerald DT11 DTL
Darryn Nichols DT11 DTL
Glen Castellaro DT11 DTL
Jack Wallace (Jnr) DT11 DTL/SSF Trap
Jeremy Paglia (Jnr) DT11 Sporting
Bryce Paglia (Jnr) DT11 Sporting
Brittany Melbourne DT11 Sporting
Keith Ferguson DT11 ISSF Skeet
Caleb Harris M9A3 IPSC
Aislin Jones DT11 ISSF Skeet
Sam Bylsma DT11 ISSF Trap
Tony Arvanitakis DT11 DTL
William Fren’Lizzi (Jnr) DT11 DTL

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