Burris Oracle

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Burris Oracle

Rangefinding bow sight instantly provides exact distance to target and exact aiming point.

Eliminates guessing distance.
Built-in rangefinder gives exact distance to the target at full draw.

Eliminates aiming between pins.
Instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point for any distance and shot angle.

Eliminates aiming with the wrong pin.
The Oracle presents the one and only perfect aiming dot for the exact distance and your exact arrow.

Micro adjustment knobs
Sighting in the Oracle is fast and precise with micro adjustment knobs that lock down rock solid.

Experience Counts
The Burris Eliminator laser rangefinding riflescope has been on the market for years, and it makes Burris the undisputed leader in automatic trajectory compensation.

Rear Sight
The rear sight improves shot accuracy and consistency. It eliminates bow grip torque and the need for a string peep sight. Plus, it improves visibility in low light.

20-Yard Fixed Pin
The built-in 20-yard fixed pin gives a reference point no matter what happens on your hunt.

Burris Forever Warranty
Like with every Burris product, we will repair or replace the Oracle if it is damaged or defective. No paperwork. No hassles. We even cover the electronics.

Left or Right Handed
The Oracle can be quickly adapted to a left-handed mount. The built-in inclinometer can tell which orientation you've picked, and adapts the software automatically.

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