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Discover Our Huge Range of Ammunition

Beretta Australia’s range of ammunition includes powerhouse brands like Sako, Sellier & Bellot, Norma, RC Cartridges, and air rifle ammunition from RWS. If you are looking for superior performing and accurate centrefire rifle or rimfire rifle ammunition, pistol ammunition, or shotgun cartridges, airgun pellets in Australia then you are in the right place.

Our extensive range offers the best ammunition in the industry for every shooting trip. We pride ourselves in offering the most advanced, state of the art ammunition that you can rely upon to take accurate shots during your hunt or at the range or competition shoot. Having confidence that your ammunition can reliably feed and hit the targets is crucial to a successful shoot.

At Beretta Australia we value quality and thus we have handpicked the best ammunition that shooters have used for decades. Pickup the best ammunition from your local dealer or use our dealer locator to discover a beretta australia ammunition supplier near you.

What calibres are available?

You can choose from a huge range of firearm calibres and gauges for your specific needs:

Handguns – 22LR, 9MM, 357MAG, 380 ACP 38SPECIAL, 40S&W, 45ACP

Shotguns – 12GA, 20GA

Rifles –  22LR, 22WMR, 22-250REM, 222REM, 223REM, 243WIN, 270WIN, 30-06SPRG, 300WINMAG, 308WIN, 375H&H, 6.5CM, 6.5X55SE, 7MMREMMAG, 7X64 and many more

Air Rifles – 177, .22, 25

This is just a small selection of calibres & gauges we offer contact your local dealer through our Beretta Australia Dealer locator to purchase your preferred calibre.

What is the best calibre for hunting?

If you’re looking for the best calibres for hunting in Australia, there are several options to consider. The right calibre depends on the type of game you’re hunting and the environment you’re hunting in.

Here are some of the best calibres for hunting in Australia:

  1. .270 Winchester – Known for its accuracy and flat trajectory, the 270WIN is ideal for hunting large game in the Australian bush land. This is the minimum calibre you need to hunt deer in Australia in most jurisdictions.
  1. .308 Winchester – 308WIN is a versatile calibre and is perfect for Australian hunting conditions and is commonly used for deer, and wild pigs. One of the most popular calibres in Australia.
  1. 7mm Remington Magnum – long-range accuracy and stopping power is synonymous with 7MMREMMAG and is a popular choice for hunting medium and large game, particularly deer.
  1. .243 Winchester – A light calibre, 243WIN is ideal for hunting feral pests in Australia, such as rabbits, foxes, and goats, making it a popular choice for farmers.
  1. .22-250 Remington – This calibre is great for varmint and predator hunting, which is a common problem on Australian farms.

Abiding by Australian firearms laws and regulations is important. Thus you must have the appropriate game licence for the particular game you are hunting. Additionally, using the appropriate ammunition and calibre for the game you’re hunting and the environment you’re hunting in will increase your chances of success and ensure that you have an ethical and responsible hunt.

What is the best Ammunition brand?

When shooting, ammunition can be the difference in delivering a lethal shot at the game you’re hunting or whether you hit your target. For others it’s important their ammunition withstands certain environments and conditions.

Our quality centrefire ammunition is available in a variety of calibres that offer exceptional performance. As a leading supplier of centrefire ammunition in Australia we offer an extensive range of high quality ammunition brands in the most popular calibres.

Our Rimfire Ammunition is relied upon by shooters all over Australia. Consistency and quality when it comes to ammunition is what we look for in our ammunition brands.

Not only is our centrefire and rimfire ammunition top of the line, we supply the best air rifle pellets for those shooters who prefer airguns, no matter the type of firearms we have the best ammunition in all shooting disciplines.

Shop ammunition at Beretta Australia. Add to cart and locate a dealer to finish your ammunition order.

Reloading Ammunition Supplies

Reloading your used ammunition can prove to be a truly valuable investment helping you reduce the frequency of new ammo purchases and ultimately, save money in the long run.

As a more cost-effective option, reloading kits and accessories are essential items for the likes of pest control specialists or those that visit the firing range often. What’s more, it’s incredibly satisfying to have the ability to retain control over the properties and quality of the ammunition that you’re loading into your firearm. Whether you’re already a reloading enthusiast or you’re looking to get started, our extensive range of products offers everything you need to reload your ammunition, including ammo boxes, bullet pullers, tumblers, reloading kits and more. Become a smart reloader today with Beretta Australia! Shop online at Beretta Australia for ammunition reloading supplies, simply add to cart and checkout with your preferred credit card. Get Free Shipping On All Orders Over $150

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