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What are gun scopes and optics?

Gun scopes are an essential tool for any shooter or hunter. These optics allow for accurate aiming and provide a clearer view of your intended target.

A gun scope, often called a telescopic sight, contains a tube and lenses that will magnify your field of view. Through these lenses, shooters can better see their target and be more accurate with their shots.

Scopes are essential for any competition or hunt, it helps to be able to see your target. That’s where optics will give you the advantage, and at Beretta Australia, we have a wide selection of gun optics options to suit your needs and preferences. From high-quality binoculars with in-built rangefinders to tactical scopes that can completely change your long-range shooting, our gun optics range has been curated with only the most trusted brands in Steiner Optics, & Burris. Explore our range today!

Why buy a Gun Scope?

The main benefit of using a gun scope is the improved accuracy it provides. Unlike iron sights, scopes allow for better illumination and a closer look at the target. This will help you hit targets at long distances. Additionally, scopes will have adjustable magnification levels to fit the shooter’s needs, which makes them useful and effective for various shooting endeavours. Buy a Gun scope today from one of our many local dealers.

Types of shooting scopes

Gun scopes come in a variety of styles, including variable and fixed scopes, rimfire scopes, tactical scopes, long-range, and compact scopes. Each type of scope has features that are optimised for specific shooting scenarios. As the name suggests, long-range scopes are perfect for hunting game at long distances, while compact scopes best for hunting in tight spaces. When choosing a gun scope, it’s crucial to know your environment you’ll be shooting in, the type of firearm you’ll be using, and the distance you’ll be shooting from. Additionally, A high-quality scope should hold up against regular use and provide consistent accuracy if it’s been sighted in correctly. With the right gun scope, you can improve your shooting skills and take your hunting or target shooting to the next level.

Gun scopes are a necessary tool for any shooter or hunter. They increase accuracy, provide a clearer view of the target, and can be adjusted to fit a variety of shooting scenarios. With a vast range of styles and features, there’s a gun scope out there for every shooter’s needs.

See below our full range of optics available at Beretta Australia.

What is our Optics Range

Beretta Australia have got all your optics and scopes you need to get started on your next hunting or shooting trip. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced shooter you will love our extensive range of optics that will help you on that next hunting trip. Our range includes:

  • Scopes
  • Sights
  • Thermal Scopes
  • Binoculars
  • Handheld Rangefinders
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Mounting Systems
  • Optic Accessories

Scopes are an imperative part of your firearm kit for hunting and shooting in Australia. They allow for greater precision and accuracy, providing hunters and shooters with the ability to take long-range shots and hit their targets more effectively.

Sights can play a huge role in optimising a shooter’s aim. They come in various forms, including iron sights, red dot sights, and many more, and offer increased accuracy and quicker target acquisition.

Thermals are crucial for seeing in complete darkness, making them ideal for night hunting in Australia. Thermal imaging technology for night hunting will detect the heat signatures of animals and can help hunters find their prey.

Binoculars have become a mainstay for hunters and shooters alike who are serious about their craft. You might ask why you wouldn’t just use your scope. A firearm can be heavy to hold, so lightweight binoculars are perfect, easy to use and compact. They also offer increased visibility and can help hunters spot game that would otherwise be difficult to see with the naked eye.

Handheld rangefinders allow hunters and shooters the ability to calculate the distance between themselves and their target. This may help them compensate for the bullet trajectory and help increase accuracy and ensure ethical hunting practices.

Spotting scopes are like binoculars but with greater magnification and clarity, The best spotting scopes provide hunters and shooters with a more detailed view of their surroundings. They are essential for spotting game from long distances and can help hunters identify animals more accurately.

Mounting systems are used by shooters to attach their optics to their firearms. They provide a secure and stable attachment, ensuring that the optic stays in place during use.

Optic accessories include lens covers, and cleaning tools, amongst others. They help keep optics in top condition, protect them from damage, and enhance their performance overall. Having the right optic accessories can help hunters and shooters maintain their equipment and ensure peak performance.

Optics are playing a bigger role in hunting and shooting sports every year therefore it’s important to feel confident in your optics.

Shop online for high-quality optics at Beretta Australia. Locate a dealer to complete your purchase.

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