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It will come as no surprise that firing a gun is loud and can therefore cause damage over time without adequate hearing protection. Safe shooting requires dependable protection from loud noises, which is why we’ve brought together a collection of earmuffs and Bluetooth hearing protection options to ensure that you are as safe as possible when handling your firearm. While the classic earmuffs will provide you with the support needed to avoid damage, there are also lighter-weight options available for those that find over-ear varieties cumbersome, such as our Bluetooth hearing protection varieties. Simple, sleek, and designed to shut out sounds up to 85dB, Sportear’s Ghost Stryke ‘Essential’ Bluetooth earbuds offer a runtime of up to 15-hours, so you’re never left without a reliable, lightweight hearing protection option. Whatever your preference, Beretta Australia is sure to have an option to suit your needs!

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