Benefits Of Registration

Extended Warranty Offer (Firearms Only)

Beretta Australia will extend the standard manufacturer’s warranty on your firearm by 1 year, provided your product warranty has not yet expired. This offer is only applicable to firearms purchased through the Beretta Australia authorised dealer network and imported by Beretta Australia. For a list of warranty periods, please click here. If you are unsure whether your product has been imported by Beretta Australia, send us your serial number so we can confirm for you.

For Your Safety

Registering your product will allow us to contact you in the unlikely event a safety notification is required.

Warranty Service

Filling out this form will help you obtain more efficient warranty service in case there is a problem with your product.

Confirmation Of Ownership

In case of an insurance loss such as fire, flood, or theft, your registration could serve as your proof of purchase.

Contact Us

For all Workshop and servicing enquiries please click here