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SAKO AMMO Powerhead Blade Projectiles

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Sako Powerhead Blade is designed for shooters looking for a lead-free option without compromising performance. Behind every bullet is 100 years of cartridge experience. The terminal Blade Tip and the 5-stage bullet expansion architecture expands even at the lowest impact velocities (long ranges) while also ensuring high resistance against bone hits and close-range shooting situations. Many hunters around the globe have already proved the match-grade precision of the Blade bullet. Once you try it, there’s no way back! Be quick to get your hands on this nugget at your local retail store!

Key features:

  • 100% pure ductile copper
  • Machined and not pressed for precision like competitor products
  • Optimum terminal performance at different shooting ranges on various sizes of game
  • Excellent bullet weight retention to preserve the meat with very limited risk of fragmentation
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