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Discover our range of rifles

Our premium range of rifles include: Tikka – Australia’s number one selling rifle brand, Sako – famed for superior accuracy and smooth bolt action, Victrix – precision engineered for sport or tactical, and Franchi – new but well known for quality. If you are looking for rifles with a vast array of calibres, left or right-handed and for most range of applications then look no further than the premium offerings from Beretta Australia.

Centrefire vs Rimfire

In Australia, rifles are commonly used for hunting, sport shooting, and farming. Two popular types of rifles are centrefire rifles and rimfire rifles. The main difference between the two is how they ignite the gunpowder in the cartridge.

Centrefire rifles use a firing pin to strike the centre of the base of the cartridge, which then ignites the primer compound and ultimately the propellant. These rifles are generally more powerful and accurate, making them suitable for long-range shooting.

On the other hand, rimfire rifles ignite their cartridges by striking the outer rim of the cartridge base. These rifles are generally less powerful and have limited range, making them more suitable for beginner shooting and varmint hunting.

In Australia, centrefire rifles are more commonly used for hunting larger game and for long-range shooting competitions. Rimfire rifles, on the other hand, are used for pest control, target shooting, and for introducing new shooters to the sport.

It’s important to note that when purchasing rifles in Australia, there are strict licensing requirements and regulations that must be followed. In addition, proper safety training and handling should be observed at all times to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience. At Beretta Australia our extensive range of centrefire rifles includes some of the best such as Sako 90, Sako S20, Tikka T3x and more. In addition to that we offer some of the best for rimfire enthusiasts such as the Tikka T1x or the Sako Quad series.

Range of rifles on offer

We have a huge selection of various types of rifles which can be divided into the method of operation or the purpose


  • Bolt Action Rifles – These rifles are manually operated and require the shooter to manually load and eject each round by pulling and pushing the rifle bolt. Bolt action rifles are renowned for their accuracy and are commonly used for hunting and long-distance shooting.
  • Semi-Automatic Rifles – Semi-automatic rifles can fire a single round with each press of the trigger thanks to a spring that automatically reloads the firearm. These rifles are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications such as hunting,  and target shooting.
  • Break-Action Rifles – These rifles get their name from the way they operate, as they break open like a book to load and unload the cartridges. They are typically single-shot firearms that are used for hunting or target shooting. Break-action rifles are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and are generally quite reliable.
  • Lever Action Rifles – These rifles use a lever mechanism to load and eject cartridges. They are often used for hunting and shooting competitions due to their fast cycling rates and reliability. Lever action rifles are also known for their iconic appearance and are frequently depicted in Western movies.
  • Pump Action Rifles – These rifles use a manual pump mechanism to load and eject cartridges. They are typically used for hunting, especially for small game and varmint hunting. Pump action rifles are also popular with law enforcement and military personnel due to their reliability, speed, and versatility.


  • Hunting Rifles – As the name implies, hunting rifles are designed specifically for hunting game. These rifles come in a variety of calibres and can be bolt-action, semi-automatic, or lever-action and more. Hunting rifles are often lightweight and easy to carry through rugged terrain. Deer Hunting is a common use for these rifles.
  • Varmint Rifles – These rifles are designed for hunting small game such as rodents, rabbits, and other pests. They are often highly accurate and come in calibres suited for small game hunting.
  • Sporting Rifles – Sporting rifles are a type of long gun that are specifically designed for recreational shooting, such as target shooting or shooting competitions. They can range from simple, affordable rifles to high-end, precision firearms.
  • Tactical Rifles – These are rifles designed for military, police, or tactical use. They tend to have shorter barrels, high capacity magazines, and are designed to be used in close quarters.
  • Long-range rifles – As the name suggests, long-range rifles are specifically designed to hit targets at long distances. They are often bolt-action rifles and can come in a wide variety of calibres. These rifles are highly accurate and are commonly used in competitive shooting or for hunting at long range.

What Are The Top-Rated Australian Rifle Manufacturers?

At Beretta Australia we offer the largest range of the top rated rifle manufacturers. Being part of the Beretta Holding family we have world renowned brands such as Sako, Tikka, Franchi, Victrix, Beretta, Chapuis & Benelli that will cover all your rifles needs from target shooting to hunting.

Visit your local authorised Beretta Australia firearms dealer and enquire about our high-quality range of hunting rifles, target rifles and much more that will surely impress. Firearms from Sako & Tikka have been known for their superb reliability and build quality making them a staple for Australian shooters for decades.

Best rifles for hunting?

We are passionate about hunting as much as you so we have a huge selection of hunting rifles for the most demanding conditions. Our beloved Tikka T3x series is a staple with 100s of variations there truly is something for everyone. Whether you need a lightweight rifle or all the bells and whistles our T3x series offers a huge range of accessories available on our website.

The new SAKO 90 is world renowned and comes in several configurations. These include the 90 Hunter, 90 Bavarian, 90 Varmint, 90 Quest, 90 Peak and 90 Adventure which are suited for different environments and conditions. The highest quality Finnish manufacturing has outdone themselves with the ultimate turn-bolt action rifle. When you need ultimate accuracy, reliability and smoothest operation on the market choose SAKO.

Types of rifle shooting disciplines

  1. Hunting
  2. Target Shooting
  3. Competitive Shooting (including precision shooting, long-range shooting, biathlon, etc.)

What licence do I need to buy a rifle?

In Australia, firearms are regulated by state and territory laws, and anyone who wishes to own or use a rifle must possess a valid licence. There are different types of firearm licences, each corresponding to a specific category of firearms, including rifles.

To obtain a rifle license, an individual must first meet certain eligibility criteria, such as being a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, having no criminal convictions, and completing a firearms safety course. They must also provide a genuine reason for owning a rifle, such as for hunting or sport.

The licensing process may take several months to complete, depending on the state or territory. Once your licence has been approved you can submit a permit to acquire your rifle which has a mandatory 28-day waiting period. It is also important to note that in Australia, rifles are subject to specific storage requirements to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Rifles must be stored in a locked purpose built gun safe that meets certain specifications, such as being bolted to the floor or wall.

In summary, obtaining a rifle licence in Australia requires meeting eligibility criteria, completing a firearms safety course, submitting an application, paying a fee, submitting permit to acquire. It is also crucial to comply with storage requirements to ensure the safety and security of the firearm. For more detailed description of how to obtain your firearms licence check out our article.

Features of a high-quality rifle

  1. Durable and high-quality materials such as wood and metal components
  2. Precise and accurate engineering with tight tolerances
  3. Adjustable components such as sights, triggers, and grips
  4. Reliable operation with consistent firing and no malfunctions
  5. Comfortable and ergonomic design for prolonged use
  6. Provides a combination of accuracy, reliability, and comfort.

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