SAKO 90 Quest

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The Sako 90 Quest is designed for the backcountry hunter who is looking for a versatile hunting rifle with high-level adjustability and ergonomics. Carbon Wolf was a ground-breaking hunting stock for a production rifle, and the Sako 90 Quest continues the story. The multi-adjustable carbon fibre stock, for superb shooting ergonomics, and RTM technology, for dimensionally accurate and effectively recoil-absorbing stock construction, together ensure the perfect shot wherever you roam. The new coating on the stock offers perfect grip in any condition and the Cerakoted stainless steel barreled action ensures your rifle is ready for action even after days of hiking.

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Features & Benefits


Multi-adjustable SAKO carbon fibre stock for ultimate ergonomics

The adjustability of the length-of-pull and cheek piece allow this stock to adapt to different anatomies and situations. Extremely robust, solid and light 3D-meshed carbon stock with low noise signature – to manage recoil forces and enhance the rifle’s repeatable accuracy.


The multi-adjustable SAKO 90 trigger mechanism

Offers users the choice of five different weight-of-pull settings without disassembling the rifle. The trigger blade position is also adjustable.


The legendary SAKO bolt action experience with Picatinny receiver

The most reliable, field-tested and proven bolt in the market – to ensure maximum safety and robust push-feed operation. The Picatinny receiver offers a machined-in Picatinny interface for flexible optics mounting and repeatable accuracy.


The SAKO cold hammer forged barrel

The cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels offer out-of-the box accuracy that lasts longer. All Sako 90 rifles feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels.


Durability through material and coating solutions.

On a long hunt, weather often changes from bad to worse. Therefore, it is important that you can trust your rifle whenever an opportunity presents itself. The Sako 90 Quest incorporates carefully thought-out solutions for durability. The barreled action has been manufactured from stainless steel and coated with Graphite Black Cerakote for ultimate weather resistance and easy care. Even the visible carbon fibre stock has been UV-protected.


Texturised surface guarantees a perfect grip in all conditions.

Bare carbon fibre is slippery, which is not ideal when conditions get wet. The Sako 90 Quest stock has an all-over texturised coating that offers a perfect grip in any condition and situation.


Dual sling studs for flexible bipod and sling attachment.

The Sako 90 Quest has two sling studs under the forend. This allows you to have a bipod mounted on one while leaving the other free for a sling. There are also accessories available that you can mount on the stud threads, such as Picatinny pieces.


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