Many great options - not tried in long distance yet. Max. 300 m until now - and on this range it´s very reliable. Looking forward to try in long distance. Very competitive compared with known German Brands (in Denmark).


This scope does everything it was advertised to do.


"I have a eliminator 3, 4-6x50, I broke one of my clamps while assembling the scope, where and how can i get the clamp? currently im residing in Dubai, UAE. A quick response will be appreciated. Regards
A photo of the broken clamp is attached."


The quality of this scope is quite good! I mounted it on the rail and tested at 100 yards. I was 30 inches low. I rechecked the mount and discovered an excessive gap at the front of the mount. This was due to the ceracoat on the rail. I dressed the high spot out and remounted the scope. On steel at 100 yards first shot! zeroed at 100 and the target pictured is at 751 yards in a crosswind. This was my first shot at 751 yards. EVER. This will only get better. The pressure required to activate the ranging button is high enough that it will throw you off at distance. Need to be lower of adjustable. The ballistic drop cheat sheet is far from comprehensive . Burris needs to continue to add to the list..(hint) Aguila 7.62x51 fmjbt. I consider this a lifetime purchase. You wont be sorry.


I have my eliminator 3 mounted on a savage 12 bvss. This thing is deadly. It really is as good as advertised..., and considering it's price , optics quality, and technology it is a good value compared to what else is available without ranging.