Eliminator III LaserScope - Best rifle scope I have ever bought: For the price, you have a 4-16 Variable Power Scope with Range Finder, Built-In Ballistic Tables and a easy to use Reticle with the bullet drop & wind dope shown in the display. I am looking forward to buying more scopes to put on other rifles I own. Keep-up the great work on this product line.


Awesome scope, I got this and at first I was a little worried about the set up , but after reading about it , it was easy to setup . Just aim hit the button and it show you where you should hold . Your part is just figuring out the wind . I had no trouble with that part .


"I went hunting this year in North Eastern Montana for Mule Deer. I had been up there a couple times in the past and wanted try a good long range gun/scope combination. After doing some research, I went with the Eliminator III scope on my new Browning X-bolt 300 Winchester Mag.

It was a long week of hunting and I was down to my last day and last 30 minutes of daylight when we spotted this really nice buck a couple miles away.

We took off on a fast pace hike to get as close as we could without being spotted.

I crawled through the grass and got in position for the shot. The scope ranged it at 648 yards. I had never shot an animal that far before and wasn't feeling very confident with making that kind of shot. With my spotter laying next to me telling my quietly and sternly I better let some lead fly because we're running out of light, I checked my range again, confirmed the 648, moved the lit redical to the shoulder, exhausted, squeezed and dropped him!

Thank you Burris for a great product!!!"


"This eliminator range finding scope is worth every penny.

My Tika 270 is now complete for any situation..

Precise. Accurate..amazing indeed..

Well done.

Robert Prystupa"

Nate c

Great scope. Great customer service. Lost a cap off site adjustment while on an elk hunting trip. Burris mailed me two new ones the next day to the nearest post office where I was hunting. Thanks