Excellent product that helps amateurs shotters to make shots that had never been possible without the help of specialized courses and many hours of practice and money in ammunition. Thanks to this product my hunts are a lot more fruitful because I dont need to get too close to the dam to hit.


It is as advertised and the programming of the scope is simple.
I've ran three different loads through the scope and it zeros every time within
a half-inch. The rifle is a Remington 700 long range 26 inch barrel 300 win mag.
#1 was Federal blue box 180 GR. Speer hot-cor #2 Federal Premium 180 GR.
Nosler Partition #3 was a Hand load with Hornady ELD. Match 208 GR.This was done at 300 yards.


ive had this for 18 months on my Howa 243 and it is deadly accurate. I do alot of shooting at night under spotlight and this scope works exceptionally well. Ive just ordered another one for my this scope.....Burris just needs to add more variety of projectiles on the cheat sheet but over all its easy to compensate for hand loading.


Purchased about 4 weeks ago. The first unit would not function. Contacted customer service and I had it replaced in 10 days. Although it cost me a box of 300wsm ammo, their service was great. When I received the replacement unit, I took it out and had it zeroed and was shooting 400 yards on the 8th shot. Shot a series at 400 then took it out to 700 yards and fine tuned it. This thing worked fantastic! 2 days later I went out on a pig hunt and got a shot at a very large boar at 402 yards and everything functioned perfect and the boar became a 350lb trophy. Shot was taken in low light and the glass on this scope is better than I expected. Range finder found a solution for my setup at just over a thousand yards. Can't wait to shoot that far. Great product I will recommend it, but anyone that sees the unit in action will not require any convincing.


As this is the first top line optic I've ever purchased, the Eliminator III has exceeded my expectations in ease of use and quality. Took it to the range and had it dialed in within minutes. I'll definitely look at Burris products again in future purchases