BERETTA BRX1 Straight Pull

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An Exclusive Series
The BRX1 guarantees the utmost speed, accuracy, precision, safety and ease of use, from the first pull of the trigger through to the smoothness of reloading. The interchangeable barrels of varying calibers, three-trigger weight options and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction. The ability to change from right hand to left can be made without any tools making the BRX1 a versatile, modern, modular weapon suited to every kind of hunter and shooting environment. Beretta is stepping into the world of hunting rifles, offering a revolutionary firearm with a linear reloading system. This new rifle encapsulates all of Beretta’s experience, acquired over years of working in both the military and civilian spheres.

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Features & Benefits



** Very fast and instinctive linear reloading system ** Easy back and forward sliding movement, no rotation ** Bolt handle features 45°angle and ergonomics for perfect fast reloading ** Jam-free fast reloading cycles **



** Interchange barrels system allows the user to change to a variety of calibres ** Quick and easy to change and assemble ** Guaranteed 3 Sub-MOA accuracy, even after new assembly ** Barrel changes return to zero every time, thanks to the advanced “V” bedding system ** Barrel extension with Picatinny rail allows optics to stay in place on barrel system when changing calibres **



** 5 shot capacity for both standard & magnum calibres ** Sits flush with bottom profile of rifle ** Reload the magazine from the top without extracting the magazine ** High visibility orange **



** Adjustable LOP with Beretta standard spacers ** Polymer composite stock with functional texture **



All barrels are fitted standard with Picatinny rail



M14 muzzle thread for mounting accessories, protected by a knurled thread cover

Technical Specifications


243WIN, 30-06SPR

Barrel Length:

20", 22.4"


Single Stage

Magazine Capacity:



Black, Green

2 reviews for BERETTA BRX1 Straight Pull

  1. Jack

    As a left hander, this rifle is great. And having other family members that are right handed, being able the change the bolt to the other side in under a minute is such a plus. The bolt feels like it wants to shut when closing, which makes cycling the acting fast and smooth. The rifle has a nice feel, and well balanced. I look forward to getting it zeroed in and out hunting. The only disappointment is there are no caliber conversions available for sale at the moment. Which does not make it much of a switch barrel set up. Please get conversion kits in soon Beretta

  2. Muddy NT

    Waited 9 months for this to arrive…well worth the wait. I bought the 308 version and put a NF 1-8 scope on top. Frankly, I was amazed at how well this thing is made, smooth action, handles well, shoots sub MOA (still tinkering with loads), feeds everything I’ve loaded and bought for it faultlessly. I’ve put 100 or so rounds through in the 3 weeks I’ve had it. Shot my first boar with it on the weekend (running offhand) and was very pleased that my trigger finger returned instinctively to the trigger after cycling. I was also impressed at how quickly cycling occurs whill maintaining a sight picture. Because I’m one of those elite with a dominant left hand this rifle is perfect to share with the unfortunates unable to use it in the current configuration. Now hurry up and get some .300 barrels in Berreta and then add a 375 to the line as well please.

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