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T3x Ultimate Precision Rifle introduces a new kind of lightweight stock construction: the bedding features an extra layer of carbon fibre mixed with fiberglass for increased rigidity and accuracy. The stock is coated with a rough surface for the best grip in any condition and has attachments for QD slings. You can choose between single stage or set trigger. T3x UPR rifles are all muzzle threaded with 5/8×24 thread.

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Features & Benefits


Stock made for the need

Fibreglass stock and carbon fibre bedding surfaces increase stiffness which ensures better accuracy. All the design elements point towards the same target: Creating the ultimate precision rifle.


Rough coating for all environments regardless of the weather

When you're far out in the wilderness, the weather can be practically anything. In this case, when a suitable hunting opportunity comes along, you want to have complete confidence that your rifle will stay firmly in your hands. The stock has been coated with rough coating, which makes it rough in all weathers. With or without gloves.


Good ergonomics supports the competition and hunting

The design of the rifle stock has been made keeping in mind demanding shooting positions for long distances, in which case you need all possible support to find a good shooting position. The steep pistol grip enables a firm grip on the rifle and makes it easier to calmly pull the trigger.


Oversized bolt knob brings confidence for training, competition and hunting

Even if you have to wear thick gloves, the large bolt knob helps you load the gun safely in a practice, competition and hunting situations. The bolt has Teflon coating that improves sliding and operation of the bolt and protects from the elements.


Cold hammer forged barrel

Cold hammer forging produces accurate and durable barrels. During cold hammer forging, Tikka barrels are hammered from all sides against the mandrel inside the barrel, transferring the mirror image of the rifling machined on the surface of the mandrel. Cold hammer forged barrel gives you out of the box accuracy without the need for breaking in the rifle.


The action is designed for accuracy

Extremely rigid action made from hardened steel with a two-locking lug T3x bolt. The bolt features a spring-loaded plunger ejector and a removable bolt handle, with 70° opening angle leaving plenty of room for handling the bolt.


Feel the right moment

In every shooting situation the rifle is always moving slightly, especially when pulling the trigger. This is why it is critical to have the rifle trigger manufactured according to very tight tolerances. Minimal rifle trigger lock time decreases the time between trigger engagement, trigger break and the impact of the firing pin on the primer. This results in excellent rifle trigger control and greater potential for accuracy.


Ready for accessories

Tikka is a safe choice, since it’s always possible to modify the rifle to fit a wide range of specific shooting situations.


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